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01 Cross-border solution

Are you satisfied with selling domestically only?
Do you believe that you could seize the world with just a single partner for shipping and delivery?
Does your domestic shipping service provider understand international markets as well as the habits and needs of your international clients?

But even the best expertise (on any country) is worth nothing without a reliable delivery partner.

Who is the best carrier for my recipients abroad? How can I easily and efficiently integrate them into my systems and navigate all the numerous new options? We have taken care of that.


Optimization along with automatization are key factors for your international success. Expand your coverage to Europe and beyond so you can become a truly competitive global partner. Go for one system, one label, one tracking and one billing.

02 Start with us

„I’m a PARCEL.ONE fan!”

“We’ve been working with PARCEL.ONE since March 2018. In the 10 years before, I have had many bad experiences with shipping abroad. As our industrial articles are in great demand abroad, we have been trying to find a good solution for years. Only with the use of PARCEL.ONE did we find it. Never before have we had so few returns, address errors and parcel enquiries from abroad as in the past 12 months. I am a P1-FAN! – With PARCEL.ONE, our shipments arrive at customers’ homes at a fair price”


We accompany you on your way to international success. Utilize our know-how and profit by ONE comprehensive shipping solution.

03 Delivery partners

You expect shipments being sent to you privately to be distributed by the best or most optimal shipping service provider. This is exactly what we have in mind and why we rely on these partners:

04 Get involved


Not totally convinced? Why not give it a try? Test PARCEL.ONE for a month and see how we can help you manage and optimize your international shipping.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up with PARCEL.ONE
  • Receive an offer including account activation
  • We integrate PARCEL.ONE at your end
  • Ready to go!…
  • We also offer individual consulting

You need a straightforward solution that is easy for you and easy for your clients. PARCEL.ONE frees you from the endless quote calculations for individual clients. We deal with your business as a whole to find the best possible shipping prices for you.

The Advantages of Using PARCEL.ONE:

  • We understand logistics

  • We provide international shipping
  • We offer enterprise solutionsIndividualized training and consulting is available

    You receive one billing broken down by client
    API/CSV/platforms/shops/own shipping software


Logistics goes hand in hand with good delivery services and innovative solutions. Thus we welcome all carriers, contractors and multipliers.If you are a private service provider or UPU member and share our values and aspirations, you may look forward to a long-term partnership.

We understand our clients and their shipping needs

  • We understand our clients and their shipping needs
  • Our consolidation for your delivery area works in all of Europe

You offer your clients solutions that help them to concentrate on the most essential parts of their business and to grow steadily. As you may have noticed, over proportional growth comes from international sales – that has long been common knowledge. What is your view on that? Do you offer your clients support in this vital area? We will gladly join forces with you.

What We Can Offer You

  • Considerable added value for your revenue drivers
  • Clearly focused goal-oriented consulting for your target group
  • We are growing all over Europe
  • Easy integration with various ERP/ management systemsClear structure of products and daily business

A selection of our delivery service providers.


  • Outsourcing e-commerce fulfilment, but properly

    Outsourcing e-commerce fulfilment, but properly

    An own warehouse is of great importance for e-commerce companies: Shop operators retain full control over all ongoing processes. But having your own warehouse and shipping on your own is not always the best choice. E-commerce fulfilment offers retailers a variety of options to operate more efficiently. 

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  • Returns? But sustainably so! Rethinking returns management with PARCEL.ONE

    Returns? But sustainably so! Rethinking returns management with PARCEL.ONE

    Customers expect excellent service also in online shopping. They want generous return periods and, of course, the possibility to make returns free of charge. At the same time, consumers also demand sustainability on the part of e-commerce companies. Ecological shipping and an equally sustainable handling of returns therefore are among the core challenges of online retailers, especially in the fashion industry.

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  • Time to say Goodbye

    Time to say Goodbye

    After four years at our Butzbach site, it’s time to say goodbye. 

    PARCEL.ONE has grown along with online retail and we are proud of this development. To better respond to what is happening in eCommerce, we are expanding from 1800 sqm to over 12,000 sqm in the new logistics centre. 

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  • Process optimisation in returns management – How to improve your ecological footprint

    Process optimisation in returns management – How to improve your ecological footprint

    Free returns and generous return timelines are the order of the day in online retail. These are crucial elements of the business model.  
    The immense competitive pressure among online retailers is making it necessary. However, the negative economic and above all the ecological consequences are significant. 
    And the clock is ticking. So, what should (online) retailers look out for in terms of sustainability and social responsibility in the future? 

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  • What does 2021 have to offer?

    What does 2021 have to offer?

    The (first) year of Corona is almost behind us and the Christmas business is already in full swing. So, it is about time for a recap, to evaluate the learnings from the Corona crisis and to prepare and make provisions for 2021.

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  • News 2021 – UK Brexit Covid19

    Current situation on Great Britain and Ireland

    Due to EU-wide pandemic measures and the Brexit, some changes in shipping to the UK have to be considered

    Until further notice we cannot accept parcels to UK and Ireland.

    • +++ IMPORTANT NOTE from DHL +++

      The following DHL pages provide detailed information on the situation for shipping to the UK and Ireland.

      DHL Covid19 Great Britain

      DHL ready for Brexit

    • +++ News from Paketda! +++

      Parcels to Great Britain: DPD, GLS and Hermes stop shipping due to Brexit.

      Here is an overview from Paketda! on the current situation.

      Paketda! News

    Due to the EU-wide pandemic measures and Brexit, the movement of goods between the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland and the EU is currently severely disrupted. This affects cross-border parcel flows for all logistics providers, be it letter, parcel or pallet.

    Therefore, we cannot accept parcels to UK and Ireland until further notice.

    Parcel shipments that have already been handed over to us and have not yet arrived in the receiving country will be returned by us in the coming days.

    We ask for your understanding that we have to take this measure due to the circumstances beyond our control.

    We will keep you informed about further developments as soon as possible.

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  • After the pandemic is before the logistics – So how do we go on after Corona?

    After the pandemic is before the logistics – So how do we go on after Corona?

    2020 will be a year that many remember well. When do you ever get the chance to explain to your children or grandchildren: “Back then it was quite normal to go shopping with a mask on.” Or that the postman only delivered packages contactlessly.

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  • current pandemic and disaster situation

    current pandemic and disaster situation

    current pandemic and disaster situation

    Due to the increasing impact of natural disasters or the pandemic development, we inform you at this point about the current impact on the delivery of your shipments.

    The following PARCEL.ONE services are currently restricted.

    We process all shipments #sameday.
    Any restrictions, see below in the updates.


    Due to the flood disaster, shipments are currently not possible to areas with the following postal codes:

    53505 Altenahr
    53506 Kesseling

    Status: 2021, October


    Due to the change of political power in Afghanistan we are currently not able to deliver mail or parcels there.


    Due to cyclone Kompasu we are currently not able to deliver mail or parcels to Macao, China

    The borders are largely open again, travel is increasing again and it seems as if we have taken a big step towards “normality” again.
    However, Covid-19 is unfortunately still part of our daily life.
    Although the vaccination campaign in Europe is in full swing, there are still challenges in some countries and it will take some time before we can have deliveries in all countries again without delays.

    Other current Situations:

    Portugal Due to the new European VAT regulations, there is a delay in the delivery of parcels in Portugal.

    Greece Due to technical issues, the Greek Postal services are currently unable to perform customs declarations, which causes a delay in the delivery of parcels.

    For Europe we have a small overview here. To these countries there are currently delays of about 1 week:

    • Ireland (situation improved, still longer transit times due to reduced air capacity)
    • Romania 
    • Germany (There are still delays to the areas affected by the floods. Some areas are still closed – see “important notice from DHL”)
    • Melbourne (Australia) Due to COVID-19 measures, we are currently experiencing delays in the delivery of all types of mail to Melbourne, Australia. (1-4 days delay)

    For the following non-EU countries there may be delays up to 2 weeks:

    • India
    • Israel
    • Korea
    • Lebanon 
    • Latin America 
    • New Zealand (up to 3 Weeks)
    • Tunisia
    • USA (especially the Office of Exchange in Chicago)
    • Vietnam
    • China Due to additional Covid 19 measures in the Shanghai region, flights to Shanghai are suspended until further notice. Delays may still occur due to an alternative flight route approved by China Post.

    The import to the following countries is currently not possible because the borders have been closed:


    Honduras Saint Lucia
    Anguilla Kiribati Samoa
    Belice Laos Solomon Islands
    Bermuda Lesotho Swaziland
    Bhutan Mayotte Tonga
    Boliviia Mongolia Trinidad and Tobago
    Fiji New Caledonia Vanuatu
    Grenada Papua-New Guinea
    Haiti Saint Kitts and Nevis

      Countries with Embargo or no active Postal Service:


        Dear customers, partners and friends,

        the situation in dealing with COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) is highly dynamic and the situation can change permanently.

        This leads to uncertainties and questions on many sides, which is why we would like to inform you about our measures at this point.

        Your good health and safety is very important to us

        The same applies to the health of our employees, but also to the jobs of each of our employees.

        We are monitoring the situation closely and taking action based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and local authorities, and are reacting accordingly – sometimes proactively, in some cases gently and in others radically.

        Green Light

        We permanently adjust the work processes internally and monitor the hygiene measures very strictly.

        Furthermore, the entire sales team, customer service, as well as the majority of our office staff are located in the home office.

        Our working hours are permanently, flexibly adjusted and we work every week so that your shipments can still be delivered on time.

        Convid-19 On surfaces


        If the 7-day incidence in Germany is above 100, the following measures will be taken:

        • Your shipments will continue to be acceptedprocessed and 
          sent as usual.
        • Goods in plastic bags will be put into quarantine for one day and
          only then processedbecause the virus survives longer on
          plastic surfaces than e.g. on cardboard. 

        Source: Der Spiegel

        • You may receive returns from your customers 1-2 days later than usualas they are quarantined
          for one day before they are processed.  
        • Delays in runtimeare possible to a limited extent in countries severelyaffectedbythevirus (max. 1-2 days) 


        Even though many countries have closed their borders and restrictions on public life have been ordered, the movement of goods is not always affected. 

        In the pandemic, we all face challenges – a difficult situation that will continue for some time. We will continue to keep you updated – Here on our site and on all our social media channels.

        Take care and stay healthy!

        Your Team – PARCEL.ONE

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      KEYWEB considers it its duty to provide services that comply with and optimize a positive eco-balance. With Green Hosting – KeyEco they set a clear sign for acting consciously in the sense of our environment and go one step further.

      Sustainability encompasses environmentally friendly corporate action at all levels – from the ecological operation of data centers and hosting products, to consciously sustainable processes in everyday office and work life, to social commitment both within the company and for our society.

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