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Solutions for Your Business by Logisticians Who Understand Your Needs

We don’t simply market contracts with overseas shipping service providers. You have the option to select exactly which shipping and delivery methods are best for you and for your customers – without having to contract all shipping service providers by yourself.

All this is combined with profound business logics that are based on a matrix of currently over 33,000 possible shipping combinations we manage and update every day.

This immensely sophisticated abundance of carriers and products has been blended into one contract, one label, one integration, one invoice and one contract partner.

Focus on your strengths, win over and care for your clients, enjoy your work and go for good partners. That is exactly what we do, and we do it for you.

That’s exactly what we do, and we do it for you.

  • Best of 17 Carrier
  • Basic solutions for int. eCommerce
  • Optionally traceable and insurable
  • Optional PARCEL Check
  • Best of 32 Carrier
  • Tracking included
  • Insurance included
  • Optional PARCEL Check
  • Int. returns solution
  • Backup in the EU
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Outsourced acquisition

Every shipment is assigned the best carrier and product fitting to its size, weight and value


Often, senders find themselves facing a predicament. The cost for insured shipping may be out of proportion to the value of the item being shipped. Also, recipients wish to be able to track their shipments. That is why we have optimized our letter service to help you get the best price for the features you want.

Flexible Service According to Your Needs

Even when it comes down to shipping letters, you are not bound to fix bundled services. You decide easily and flexible which services you require – neither more nor less. You may choose different levels of insurance and traceability for each letter individually to provide your customers an extra bit of comfort and security. Use this classic shipping solution and ship your goods per registered mail. But what if you would like to lower your costs even more?

Light Tracking

In addition, we offer this service for reliable tracking: HUB Confirmation is a cheap and simple option for confirmation of shipping to any 3rd party. The service includes information about the creation of a shipment, the reception at PARCEL.ONE and the forwarding to a carrier.


With PARCEL.ONE, you pay only for the services you select, so you can always have the best price. Choose from the following options for each shipment:

  • HUB confirmation
  • Registered mail with various tiers of insurance

Depending on the service you select, you can ship with tracking and/or insurance included or you can ship your small parcels and letters without any extras.

In case you should have letters to be sent to recipients within Germany, we also process these at special rates, so you don’t have to head for your post office and queue for their service anymore.

Undoubtedly you will have further questions about our individual solutions and pricing. We welcome your request and will contact you immediately.


Do you market valuable goods at favorable prices? The time has come for you to take on new markets in Europe and beyond. With PARCEL.ONE, you instantly gain access to a multitude of shipping and delivery options. They operate each day and inspire countless recipients and senders.

The Best Price for Every Single Shipment

At PARCEL.ONE, we offer you transparent and fair prices – no strings attached and without binding contracts. Your items are shipped using the most affordable tariff and optimal service based on their weight and volume. As you may have noticed, we work with numerous shipping service providers to ensure the best outcomes and keep your shipping simple and efficient.

Recognize and Utilize the Potential

Many resellers spend quite a bit of time every day to evaluate the conditions of various shipping service providers – especially those, with a wide selection of goods in variable package sizes and customers abroad. Many of our customers realize very quickly how much time they save for their key business. Send all of your international shipments directly to us – speedily and without hassle. We collect their specific data, choose the most affordable option and the optimal routing. A detailed end to end tracking over all carriers is ensured.


We‘ve our business, not on shipped parcels, but on satisfied customers. In that sense, we are no different from you. To that end, we work exclusively with established and absolutely reliable shipping service providers both in and outside Germany.

Whether you ship domestically or internationally, you can always look up the current status of your shipment using the same tracking number. There is no need to access multiple web sites or search through various e-mails to find actual tracking numbers. We also link directly to  the website of the delivery partner so that your recipient can have the tracking information in his own language.


Surely you have further questions. We will gladly provide answers in a non-binding conversation about our entire service portfolio and all our conditions. We look forward to receiving your inquiry and speaking with you on the phone.


Returns management is often crucial to the success of an e-commerce business. What solutions for international returns are currently available to you?

Not many parcel service companies offer any kind of international returns solution. Even if they do, it may be only for countries in the EU or only at a very high cost. Such solutions do not often function smoothly, efficiently or speedily, let alone offer a back-end service in the destination country that would be available both to the sender and the recipient.  Thus, few e-commerce resellers rely on such a service. In an attempt to satisfy their customers, many are ready to completely forgo their profit. In 2015, some established international marketplaces introduced advanced guidelines on the subject. Either the reseller pays for the return shipping or provides a local returns address, for example, in the USA, UK, Spain, France, Germany or Italy.

We Offer You Alternatives

We are already present in the following countries for our select clients and partners:

re.PARCEL - France


re.PARCEL - Spain


re.PARCEL - Netherlands


re.PARCEL - Austria



Would you like to be able to rely on re.PARCEL as well? We will gladly provide more information in a non-binding conversation about our entire service portfolio and all our conditions. We look forward to receiving your request and speaking with you on the phone.


Our PARCEL Check option means that the value of goods, transit times and country specifics along with the shipment size, weight and characteristics are all taken into account when processing your orders – all to your advantage. Our expertise on countries and delivery logistics is not something every e-commerce reseller possesses. Even national logistics companies may lack such knowledge! And if they have it, they rarely employ it for the benefit of their customers.

Our logistics process analyzes every single shipment, allowing us to categorize and route it using the optimal carrier and the most suitable shipping services. The expertise and experience gained from thousands of shipments guarantees optimal routing for each shipment. The decisions are not solely based on cheap or expensive, it’s about identifying the PARCEL Check for every individual shipment. On every shipping day, in every country, for every shipment – PARCEL Check


Welcome to Enterprise.

We get to know your needs and we shape the vision together. What that means for you is real consulting, not some off-the-peg quote or a simple copy-paste solution. Such full-scale consulting contracts and running projects with total support are not meant solely for customers with classical shipping needs but also for fulfilment service providers, consolidators, SaaS/ERP/shop providers as well as freight forwarders and UPU members.

Now you understand: we re-invent logistics and share our experience and knowledge with you. We will gladly take time for a detailed conversation with you to help us better understand your needs. Would you like to share your story with us?


The heart of professional e-commerce is without doubt a functioning fulfillment process.

With our international shipping services, we offer online retailers the full range of these logistical tasks.

Cross-Border-Fulfillment at it´s best.

From taking orders, picking, pick & pack to returns processing and much more.

You would like to use our cross-border fulfillment? We would be happy to inform you about our entire range of services and all conditions in a non-binding conversation.

We look forward to your inquiry and a subsequent telephone conversation.


We have selected locations in Germany from which the following countries are fed in the same day for “Next Day” delivery:



Enterprise resource planning (ERP), store systems and marketplaces. What can you connect with us?

Talk to us. 

One shipping solution –
many benefits


Most e-commerce operators utilise one or two parcel service providers. Every new shipping company requires integration into your workflow, ERP system, billing or contract maintenance. Often, one simply does not have the resources or enough shipping volume for more service providers. At present, PARCEL.ONE relies on up to 18 international post und parcel networks, and further integration is under way. With PARCEL.ONE you can utilise the largest international post and parcel service providers in Europe and world wide.


Insured shipping adds value to your service and product. 94%* of online purchases are under 250 €, 43%* even below 50 € so there is no need for a 500 € insurance. Most parcel service providers, however, do not lower the insurance fee which would save you money. With PARCEL.ONE, you choose between 55 € and 255 €. Processing and refunds are fair and uncomplicated. * Source



To make the internationalisation of your online shop a success you have to bear in mind the following:    

  1.  attractive shipping charges   
  2.  top delivery service
  3.  one single system    

Reasonable shipping costs are the key to selling goods abroad profitably. Besides the expense, it is vital to use leading national post or parcel service providers. That way, consignees are accustomed to the delivery and service options!


We offer tracking for all of your PARCEL.ONE shipments. Our solution provides more than just “Shipment handed over” and “Shipment in distribution”. With PARCEL.ONE you and the consignee have an overview of the current status of every shipment. Worth mentioning: Providing a tracking service minimizes cart abandonment rates.


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