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Teaming up for flexible logistics

Resilient logistics is vital for the survival of online retailers. It enables them to constantly maintain a good customer experience. But logistics today need to meet many demands. This is why PARCEL.ONE and Codept are now working together as logistics experts.


Online retailers today face complex challenges, especially in logistics. Increasing customer demands, delivery bottlenecks, a rapidly growing order volume – all this can quickly push logistics to its limits. To continue to meet customer requirements, it is essential to optimize the supply chain. This is the only way retailers can remain competitive and profitable in the long term. But not every online retailer has the necessary resources to build a resilient supply chain. External partners, e.g., for fulfillment and the last mile, are therefore an important part of the strategic orientation of successful companies, especially in logistics. They usually do not rely on just one service provider: on average, retailers therefore have seven logistics interfaces. But creating, coordinating, and maintaining these interfaces is anything but easy.  

Codept has taken on this challenge and made it its mission to enable flexible, scalable e-commerce logistics via just one single platform. To achieve this, Codept connects the IT systems of retail and logistics. The result: greater efficiency in the areas of tender management, fulfillment, and last mile for e-commerce. With just one integration for the entire logistics lifecycle, from fulfillment to last mile to returns, just one label for all carriers, seamless tracking in the language of the destination country, and just one contact person, CODEPT and PARCEL.ONE take online retailers to the next level in the e-commerce business.


As logistics experts, Codept and PARCEL.ONE are now working together. For dynamic logistics, Codept is fully integrating the globally networked shipping logistics provider into its platform. Customers thereby gain access to the logistics and fulfillment services of PARCEL.ONE. The logistics specialist for cross-border trade offers a wide range of solutions from cross-border fulfillment to returns processing and bundles shipments for their customers. PARCEL.ONE matches online retailers with the right service provider from a pool of more than 45 international and national delivery partners and selects the best delivery solution for each individual customer from more than 400,000 combinations. The connection between Codept and PARCEL.ONE offers retailers several advantages. 

Each integration of an individual shipping service provider is usually time-consuming and resource intensive. By connecting PARCEL.ONE to the Codept platform, a total of 45 different service providers are integrated. This means that Codept customers have access to many international shipping service providers via one single interface, thus saving time-consuming individual integrations of logistics service providers. At the same time, retailers also benefit from the attractive shipping conditions provided by PARCEL.ONE. Additionally, the integration of PARCEL.ONE provides end-users with a tracking service in the language of their choice – an additional bonus in terms of services offered by online retailers. On PARCEL.ONE’s side, the cloud-based e-commerce logistics platform also simplifies the connection of new retailers noticeably.   


The partnership between Codept and PARCEL.ONE is a win-win for all sides. Together, the two companies are strengthening the seamless connection between e-commerce and logistics. For retailers, the partnership not only means enabling a positive shopping experience for their customers. They likewise reduce their efforts and costs in logistics. PARCEL.ONE provides access to over 45 international shipping service providers via the Codept platform. By taking process optimization to the next level, Codept and PARCEL.ONE guarantee retailers a completely successful customer journey.

Felix Ostwald

Managing Director

Codept – The E-Commerce Logistics Platform

Codept is a cloud-based e-commerce logistics platform that offers flexible warehousing and fulfillment in Europe. They provide merchants with access to a large network of logistics service providers through one single interface. For logistics service providers, Codept standardizes and simplifies the otherwise costly and time-consuming integration of new merchant customers. Codept is a pure software service provider; the logistics provider and the retailer always contract directly with each other.