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Which start-ups stimulate e-commerce?

t3n Magazin has arrived at the conclusion that an online shop with Paqatocom, Adnymics – intelligent printvertising, tiramizoo and PARCEL.ONE will take off! With PARCEL.ONE, the reseller has direct access to the local hero delivery partner in the delivery country!

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Each parcel shipment has door2door tracking and is insured. This service allows online resellers to offer an alternative delivery option to their customers.

PARCEL.ONE: One service provider for all international shipments

The problem is familiar to everyone who has to ship parcels to customers abroad: while it is difficult enough to find a suitable parcel service provider for every shipment in Germany, the sheer number of companies offering shipping abroad is confusing and the prices skyrocket easily. Also, the delivery times can be clearly longer than anticipated.

PARCEL.ONE, a start-up from the Frankfurt area, solves the problems by offering resellers an opportunity to ship goods abroad with little administrative expenditure. To that end, shipments are bundled together in one box or on a pallett. The shipping itself includes tracking and insurance for the sender and, optionally, for the end customer. There is a variety of shipment sizes and weight categories to choose from. Shipping for private customers is also in the plans.

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