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Let your business grow brainy.


Xentral ERP Software GmbH

Fuggerstraße 11
86150 Augsburg


is written for a new generation of teams that want to share their products and services with the world more successfully.

Companies that want fast results, see business as a lifestyle and don’t believe in long implementation times. xentral thinks ERP in a new, light and free way. Free in the sense of multiple additions, free in the sense of limitless scalability, and free in the sense that our 1,000+ teams can choose xentral every month.

The brainy Business Software for modern startups and established companies in all industries

Secure ERP
Software in the Cloud

Get access to all important business KPIs anytime & anywhere.

1.000 Functions

Increase your efficiency, avoid mistakes and celebrate additional sales.

Start simple, scale without limits

Connect your systems and add
new users as needed. 

“This is how software has to be today”

Companies can choose from various basic versions and expand the range of functions with over 100 available modules. For this purpose, we offer interfaces to all common online store systems, marketplaces and payment providers.

Since the system is based on open source technologies, it can also be developed further individually. Twice a year, Xentral releases a free open source version for startups.

A home that connects everything.

With xentral you can take your e-commerce commerce
to a new level

You want to grow and (further) professionalize your eCommerce? With xentral you can scale indefinitely and automate all administrative tasks – so you have more time for the strategic things. Simplify your order processing, ship directly through Fulfiller and automate your accounting. With the ERP system, delivery bottlenecks are a thing of the past – xentral keeps track of everything for you and grows flexibly with your business.