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The E-Commerce-Merchandise Management



Martin-Luther-Ring 13
D-04109 Leipzig

As a member of the Descartes Systems Group Descartes Systems (Germany) GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of merchandise management software and warehouse logistics solutions for e-commerce.

With the pixi solutions pixi WMS and pixi ERP, Descartes covers all e-commerce and omnichannel backend processes of an e-commerce company, from customer orders to barcode-supported pick and pack processes in the warehouse, shipping, as well as shipment tracking and invoicing. In addition, pixi Fulfillment enables transparency and flexibility for professional outsourcing. Thanks to a modular architecture, web services and standard interfaces, pixi can be seamlessly integrated into existing ERP systems as well as connected to marketplaces, store and industry solutions.

More than 300 companies – including major online players, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and fulfillers – such as,, and successfully use pixi solutions.

The use of pixi has paid for itself on average between 8 and 15 months for all customers.

The pixi portfolio:

  • Intelligent warehouse & logistics processes

  • Automation of order import, payment processing, order picking and shipping

  • Returns management par excellence

  • Standard store interfaces to Shopware, OXID, Magento and many more

  • Flexible system expansion as required

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“As an expert in e-commerce supply chain, we at pixi are always looking to complement our solution with suitable and professional partner solutions. Therefore, we rely on an intelligent interaction between pixi and Parcel.One. With their Cross Border Solution, complements the pixi merchandise management solution with a suitable building block for the international success of our customers. “

Reduce process costs from
day one!


Up to 42% increase in delivery speed


Nearly 0% error rate in order processing


More packages shipped per employee


Up to 49% faster in returns processing

Functional scope Descartes pixi

Grow outside boundaries! Because pixi offers the right solution for each of your current and future challenges.
Choose which areas of e-commerce order processing you want to organize centrally and efficiently. Clear statistics & analyses give you information about orders, ABC articles and KPIs.

With Descartes pixi solutions, limitless growth is already available to you out-of-the-box.